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Creative, Affordable, Accessible

Did you know we provide Safety & Security Training to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)?

If you are a current MSF staff member on or in between missions, you can either enrol with the HDLC directly (click here) or through application to the MSF Development Officer - Amsterdam.   Click here for admission criteria.

Proudly supporting MSF staff since 2009.


HDLC has been providing innovative learning solutions for NGO’s and staff since 2004.


cutting edge
State of the art learning management systems and supporting tools.


We have provided generic, bespoke, hosted and dedicate learning management solutions.


Our courses have been run in 35 countries, with both dedicated & mobile internet.


to the HDLC

I founded the HDLC in 2004 at the completion of a 12 month mission to Afghanistan. Of all my experiences there and since, one stands out. We provide so very little learning opportunities for our local staff, while they remain constantly at the forefront of daily safety & security exposure.

The development of the HDLC has been, in small part, an innovation to address this gap and support NGO's by providing a mass staff learning solution which is at its very core creative, accessible and affordable.

Sam C-H (Founder)


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